September 1945

Land reform in the SBZ

With the land and industrial reform which it decides to undertake on 3 September 1945, Moscow intends to remove the basis of power for the major land owners and „Junkers“ as well as the major industrialists in the Soviet Occupation Zone (SBZ) who are considered to have been the pillars of National Socialism.

© Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin
SED propaganda poster for the land reform

Previously that summer, under the slogan „Junkers’ lands in farmers’ hands“, began the dispossession without compensation of every estate larger than 100 hectares – a measure endorsed by all the re-established German parties in the SBZ. The dispossessed land is divided in parcels of ca. five hectares each and turned over to farm labourers, refugees, expellees and small farmers.

© Syberberg
One out of three types of country homes (type „homestead“) designed for the new settlers on expropriated estates



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